Winter walking, snowshoeing & tobogganing

Wintry walks in the Gastein Valley

Hiking is not just a pleasure in the warmer seasons, winter’s snow also offers a range of pleasurable walking opportunities. Numerous trails in the valley and mountains invite you to explore the wintry landscape. Paths are well maintained and signposted so there is nothing to stand in the way of your off-piste winter adventure. Winter walking can be done on any cleared hiking path.

A walk in nature brings the soul home.

The joy of snowshoeing

Snowshoeing calls for a bit more fitness: you follow the paths on large soles to reach some of the most beautiful spots nature has to offer. With modern snowshoes strapped to your boots, you can even walk on deep snow without sinking in. Along the way, discover the curious ice formations and twigs covered with white frost along the Gasteiner Ache, keep an eye out for timid animals, and warm up with a cup of tea in a rustic mountain hut.

Guided snowshoeing

Hiking is much easier with the right technique and in a group. The winter sports schools in the Gastein Valley invite you to join their guided snowshoe hikes through the valley. All the theory and practice that you need is taught in these lessons. Besides the technique, you also have to know certain basics which are essential for any kind of sport in this terrain: selecting the right route, judging the time of day, and understanding the weather and avalanche reports are just a few.

Stay on the right path

Take a look at Gastein Valley’s winter walking map to plan your next winter walk or snowshoeing tour. With detailed descriptions as well as information about the distance and duration of each hike, you can start planning your next route around Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein straight away. Please get in touch if you would like help planning your route.

Tobogganing fun in Gastein

Toboggan runs are a speedy affair and fun for all ages. Thanks to excellent preparation and maintenance, the natural toboggan runs in the Gastein Valley guarantee safety as well as speed. There are three toboggan runs in the Gastein Valley, all inviting you to enjoy a fun afternoon or night on the slopes.

Aeroplan natural toboggan run in Bad Hofgastein
The Aeroplan natural toboggan run starts at the top of the Schlossalm and promises 3.3km of fast-paced tobogganing fun. There’s one thing for sure: this run is in a league of its own! Sequences of fast bends and a wide track call for lots of skill and the right braking and accelerating technique.
Bellevue Alm toboggan run in Bad Gastein
The 2.5km long Bellevue Alm toboggan run in Bad Gastein also guarantees fun for your whole group. The best part is that the fun doesn’t stop when it gets dark. There is floodlighting until midnight, which only adds to the fun.
Strohlehenalm natural toboggan run in Dorfgastein
There is another 2km long toboggan run on the Strohlehenalm. It is open all day and floodlit on several evenings during the week. You can walk up, take the lift, or travel by horse-drawn carriage for a special treat.

You don’t have to take much with you for tobogganing. Warm winter clothing and good, sturdy footwear go without saying. You can hire toboggans and sledges, and sometimes bobs and snowbikes, from the mountain huts. Let’s get this toboggan party started!


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