Places of energy and strength in the Gasteinertal valley

Boost your health in the Salzburger Land region

In Gastein in the Salzburger Land region you will find many of the unique places which have made this location famous all over the world. The stunning natural phenomena in the heart of a beautiful landscape will give you new energy and strength for your daily life. Go on an impressive walk to the places of energy and strength, and boost your health and vitality.

Alfred Silbergasser zeigt Kraftorte und Kraftplätze im Gasterinertal im Salzburger Land
Weihnachtsgeschichtenwanderung mit Alfred Silbergasser im Gasteinertal in Salzburg

Discover places of energy in the Gasteinertal valley with Alfred Silbergasser

On his guided tours, Alfred Silbergasser, a genuine citizen of Gastein, passes on the knowledge he has gained from his “integrative research into his homeland”. In addition to geomancy, tradition, history and the local way of life, his knowledge also includes regional particularities as well as wisdom that has been passed down over the generations.

Places of strength can boost your energy balance and help you to deal with stress. Nature expert Alfred Silbergasser will explain and demonstrate the connections between nature and people for YOU. He will show YOU around his home in the natural surroundings. He will show YOU places of strength and renewal which are hundreds of years old, teach you natural meditation techniques, and tell you stories of nature. Alfred Silbergasser:  An energetic teller of stories about nature, a forest teacher and an expert on wild herbs – and we have secured his services for YOU!

Be sure to visit the Heilstollen healing cave with its naturally occurring radon during your holiday, or relax in the Gastein spas. After a long walk in the stunning natural scenery, the wellness facilities in the Alpenhaus are the ideal place to relax and switch off.

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