Body treatments at ALPEN.VEDA.SPA

Relaxing moments on holiday in Gastein

Take time out for yourself and let the combination of professional treatments by our spa therapists and products from the premium cosmetics brand VAGHEGGI PHYTOCOSMETIC work their magic on you – for long-lasting feel-good moments on holiday.

Body treatments don’t just give your body a chance to really breathe but your soul too. Our holistic treatments are the best recipe for relaxation, therapy or against specific problems. Or opt for indulgent beauty treatments that make you look radiant again and ensure all-round wellbeing. High-quality active ingredients also work their magic in our body wraps that detoxify, energise, firm and purify your body, depending on what you choose. A range of tempting beauty treatments rounds off what we offer.

You can find all the details about our body treatments below.

Holistic treatment for face and legs

Singing bowl therapy

The vibration of the singing bowl with its varying sound volume causes the water in the body to move. All of the cells begin to pulse and a holistic energy flow harmonises the body for a deep relaxation.

Pampering session 30 mins. EUR 39,00
Pampering session 50 mins. EUR 64,00

Cranio Sacral Balancing

The Cranio Sacral application is a gentle yet highly effective method that gives the body the opportunity to free itself of pain and blockages. The application brings about a deep relaxation, deep releasing and stimulates the self-healing powers.

The main areas treated are from the sacral bone (Sacrum) to the head (Cranio), i.e. the pelvis, spinal, column, chest, neck and head.

According to Chines medicine, "pain is the cry of the tissues for flowing energy."

Pampering session 50 mins. EUR 69,00

Electrotherapeutic Footbath

Areas of application:

  • Metabolic illnesses such as gout and rheumatism
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Burnout syndrome
  • Vegetative disturbances
  • Pain therapy for headaches and migraine
  • Excess heavy metals
  • Skin diseases
  • Liver and kidney allments
  • Cellulite
  • Constipation
  • Dysmenorrhoe (period pains)
  • Allergies

Pampering session 30 mins EUR 29,00
Including foot reflexology 60 mins EUR 69,00

Short Pampering Programmes

Ladies Time Out

A classic beauty treatment and manicure with hand massage.

Pampering session 80 mins. EUR 111,00

Short Time Out

Facial cleaning, massage, nourishing mask.

Pampering session 40 mins. EUR 65,00


Cleansing, peeling, active ingredient ampoule, mask.

  • Pampering session 40 min. EUR 65,00

Well cared for hands and feet


Treat your hands to warm, aromatic compresses followed by a tender exfoliation. Your nails are then filed, polished and formed and nail skin removed. The subsequent massage gives the skin of your hands and arms a satiny, soft feeling (no varnish).

Pampering session 60 mins. EUR 60,00


Rapid care session - we form and file your nails then pamper you with a hand massage.

Pampering session 40 mins. EUR 39,00

Alpen.Veda.Spa Pedicure

Agreeable footbath, exfoliation to stimulate the blood circulation, hard skin removal, complete nail care and foot massage.

Pampering session 60 mins. EUR 75,00

Medical Pedicure

A delightful care session with hard skin removal, nail shortening and finishing care.

Pampering session 45 mins. EUR 45,00


We paint your nails with the color of your choice.

Pampering session 20 mins.
Polish EUR 7,00
French polish EUR 15,00
Nail filing & painting EUR 20,00

Remove acrylic, gel or shellac EUR 10,00

Body peelings

Our tip:
A peeling application with a care body pack.

Detoxing sea-salt exfoliation

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 40,00

Manaru-Sand Peeling with vanilla beans

with the aroma of your choice

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 40,00

Toning alpine exfoliation

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 40,00

Whole-body packs in the soft pack lounger

Body Vitality Wrap

Special wrap for detoxifying or firming. Tonifies and regenerates flabby tissue and improves skin structure.

1x wrap pampering session 50min. EUR 59,00
3x wraps pampering session each 50min. EUR 159,00

Spa combinations

Fresh energy for body, mind and soul

    • A peeling of your choice
    • A full-body masage with young living oils
    • A singing bowl massage 

      Total price EUR 138,00

Après-Ski in the Alpen.Veda.Spa

  • One classic back massage focusing on shoulders and neck 
  • Facial massage
  • Leg and foot massage 

Total price EUR 102,00

ALPEN.VEDA.SPA Recuperation

  • One facial - for Beauty 
  • One combination of partial body massage and foot feflexology massage 
  • One body wrap by individual consultation 

Total price EUR 175,00

Purifying, Detoxing & Relaxing

  • One body wrap 
  • One electrotherapeutic footbath 
  • One foot reflex zone massage 

Total price EUR 114,00

ALPEN.VEDA.SPA beauty day

  • One classic facial Treatment 
  • One pedicure
  • One manicure

Total price EUR 147,00


  • One facial Treatment 
  • One full-body exfoliation for detoxing 
  • One combination of pedicure and manicure 

Total price EUR 198,00


  • One facial Treatment 
  • One DETOX-full body peeling for detox & a firming poultice 
  • One back massage 
  • One combination of medical pedicure and manicure 

Total price EUR 250,00

For expectant mothers

Time For Myself

  • ALPEN.VEDA.SPA singing bowls 
  • One face massage with active agent concentrate 
  • One foot massage 

Total price EUR 101,00

Mother’s joy

  • One facial Treatment 
  • One full-body exfoliation and cream poultice 
  • One pedicure with nail varnish 

Total price EUR 136,00

Top up your energy and feel better with pampering treatments from head to toe at your wellness hotel in Gastein in the Salzburger Land.

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