Classic massages & relaxation massages

The art of touch

Be pampered by our professional spa therapists and masseurs from head to toe and enjoy your personal time-out with a beneficial massage.

The effect of massages

Massages are a treat for the body and soul and influence the body in many areas and functions. What most massages have in common is that they mechanically influence the skin, muscles and connective tissue. In addition, they have a positive effect on the mind and wellbeing.

  • They stimulate circulation
  • Reduce the blood pressure and heart rate
  • Have a positive effect on the healing of wounds
  • Relieve pain
  • Stimulate organs and the entire nervous system through reflex arcs
  • Reduce stress
  • Stimulate cell metabolism
  • Positively influence the vegetative nervous system

Classic massages

Full-body massage

You will be pampered from head to toe. This massage stimulates the circulation, relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

Pampering session 50 mins. EUR 75,00

Partial body massage

For back, neck, and shoulders. Tensions are released with gentle or strong pressure to liberate energy flows.

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 40,00

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

Each reflex zone is treated with special massage techniques to harmonise the organism.

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 40,00

Breuss Massage

A back massage with high-quality oil of St. John's wort. Mental and physical tensions are released and the regeneration of weakened vertebral discs is assisted. Ideal for acute, painful complaints of the back muscles and for in-depth relaxation.

Pampering session 45 mins. EUR 69,00

Anti-stress massage

Agreeable combination of foot reflex zone massage and partial body massage.

Pampering session 50 mins. EUR 75,00

Aromatic oil massage

With warm oil. A journey through the continents in search of the many different concepts of human beauty that warms and soothes.

Pampering session 50 mins. EUR 72,00

Colon Massage

Ideal for stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.

Pampering session 20 mins. EUR 34,00

Intensive Back Massage

Massage with warm stones.

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 42,00

Energy massage with young living oils

This application offers the body deep relaxation, revitalisation and both physical and emotional balance, at the same time strengthening the immune, respiratory, skeletal and digestive systems. Oils are specially matched to each guest.

Pampering session 25 mins. EUR 42,00
Pampering session 50 mins. EUR 75,00

You can be pampered in a variety of ways with massages at ALPEN.VEDA.SPA. Experienced and trained hands ensure that you feel as if you’ve been reborn in just a few minutes. Leave your tension and stress behind and book the massage you want today.