Wellness for men in Bad Hofgastein

Special treatments for him – men’s wellness in the Gastein Valley

Special health and wellbeing treatments caught on for men a long time ago too. Facials for the special requirements of men’s skin or de-stressing massages are among the wellness treatments that you can treat yourself to at Alpenhaus Gasteinertal.

Family, work, appointments, commitments: modern everyday life demands a great deal of you. It’s therefore all the more important to deliberately take time out for yourself and your own wellbeing. Treatments that are specifically tailored to men’s needs give the body back what it is missing. You recharge your batteries and are more resilient to the demands of everyday life. Give your mind, body and soul the relaxation they deserve: whether it’s with an anti-stress massage, beneficial beauty treatment or anti-aging treatment. Wellness for men is trendy – opt for a personal wellbeing session at Alpenhaus Gasteinertal.

Natural skin care for men – beneficial facials

Gentle and beneficial

Energy and moisture for your skin, deep-cleansing peel, ampoule of active ingredients, anti-stress face massage and moisturising mask.

  • Pampering time 60 minutes € 75

Efficient and effective

Tailored to your needs. Slows down the formation of wrinkles and firms skin. Cleanse, steam, peel, removal of skin impurities, ampoule of active ingredients, massage and face mask.

  • Pampering time 75 minutes € 85

Wake-up facial massage

Relaxation and freshness boost thanks to special ampoules. Massage for the face, head and neck.

  • Pampering time 40 minutes € 60

Manager time-out

Energising back drainage, face peel with salt minerals, extremely cleansing and detoxifying. Neck, head and face massage.

  • Pampering time 60 minutes € 85

That little bit extra for him

  • Eyebrows: € 7
  • Manicure: € 39
  • Pedicure: € 45

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A men getting a spa facial treatment
A men getting a massage

Let yourself be generously pampered at the ALPEN.VEDA.SPA in the Gastein Valley. Browse through our package deals or send us a no-obligation enquiry to book your holiday.