Wellness for pregnant women

Wellness treatments for mums-to-be

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. Feeling a child growing in your own body is a unique experience for every woman. During the pregnancy you experience lots of wonderful feelings but often also physical strain. Which is why your body deserves an extremely attentive and sensitive treatment that doesn’t just benefit the mum-to-be but also the growing newcomer to the world. How about a pampering wellness holiday with treatments for pregnant women?

Enjoy the few months before birth with special treatments at Alpenhaus Gasteinertal! One beautiful memory, for example, is to have a plaster of Paris cast made of your pregnant belly. Or treat yourself to pampering beauty and body treatments that strengthen and relieve your tired body. A short break for pregnant women is a wonderful opportunity to consciously give you and your child quality time together. 

Treatments for quality time together

The joy of motherhood

  • One facial (40 minutes)
  • One full body peel and cream wrap (30 minutes)
  • One pedicure with nail polish (60 minutes)
  • Total price €136 

Massages for pregnant women

Time for me

  • ALPEN.VEDA.SPA singing bowl massage (30 minutes)
  • Facial massage with concentrate of active ingredients (25 minutes)
  • Foot massage (25 minutes)
  • Total price €101

Every beginning holds its own magic...

Shared anticipation (90 minutes)

  • Plaster of Paris cast of your pregnant belly The perfect memory of your pregnancy.

The joy of motherhood wrap for afterwards

  • Pampering session (30 minutes)
  • Evening primrose cream wrap. Special nurturing for stressed skin, extremely good for your strained back.

Sound journey for pregnant women

  • Pampering session (30 minutes)
  • Promotes a feeling of security and therefore provides a wonderful mood to relax, reflect and get in touch with your inner self and unborn child. The sounds enhance your own self-perception and mindfulness for your own body.


  • Pampering session (30 minutes)

Package price per lady: €210

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A pregnant women and a men sitting in the grass

A massage during pregnancy, a relaxing bath or beneficial wrap: following prior consultation, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a wellness holiday during your pregnancy too. The treatments are tailored precisely to your needs to give you and your unborn child perfect pampering time at your wellness hotel in the Salzburger Land at Alpenhaus Gasteinertal. Make a no-obligation holiday enquiry!