Holistic - healthy, vital, full of energy on holidays in Gastein.

for body, mind and soul

Mountain life

The mountains are the centre of life in the Gastein Valley. They set the rhythm, give direction, act as boundaries and expand horizons in equal measure. They encourage us to look far and wide and high; they offer fun, relaxation, peace and solitude.

DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal has plenty of stories to tell about life in the mountains – and brings them to life in unique ALPEN.KRAFT.SELFNESS Retreats & wotkshops.


A person-centred concept only works if it takes individual needs into account. Since everyone is unique, our programmes are tailor-made. The ALPEN.KRAFT.SELFNESS programme is based on five pillars that complement and build on each other: Detox, Destress, Restart, Yoga and MAN.OF.NATURE. They let the spirit soar, strengthen the body and bring peace to the soul.

The programme could take the form of an innovative mix of special treatments combined with grounding bodywork, a thrilling nature workshop with wilderness educator Alfred Silbergasser, or an intensive Yoga getaway to exercise both body and soul – the retreats and workshops may vary, but the goal always remains:

Back to me.
Back to health.
Back to nature.


What makes us strong? What keeps us healthy?

Overwhelmed and burnt out

It might seem as if we have everything we need – time, peace and physical wellbeing; we might even radiate happiness, but day-to-day life can often snatch these things away from us. We have all the material things we could want, but we are inwardly weary; spiritually barren. We are available 24 hours a day, always connected, always patient and friendly, with all the time in the world for everyone else.

We let people, work and time pressures control us again and again, and as a result our lifestyles become so unhealthy that there is no room to breathe, physically or mentally. We end up trapped in a vicious circle.

Recharge your batteries and find inner peace

Can you identify?

Regardless of your job, sex or age, life’s challenges lurk around every corner. We only get one chance at life; one chance to be as content as possible, so it is up to us to practise mindfulness and treat our bodies, minds and souls to a time-out.

ALPEN.KRAFT.RETREATS help and guide you along the way. By venturing into nature and the mountains, we get a sense of space, freedom and inner peace, and feel the fresh air and oxygen stimulate our bodies down to the very last cell. The programmes strengthen the muscles, promote flexibility, open up new paths, and cause us to examine ourselves, our needs and our desires. They revive us and help unleash our full potential. Let’s sharpen our consciousness, rediscover mental strength, let go of stresses and strains, and pave the way for self-discovery.

Health holiday in the Alps

Our ALPEN.KRAFT.RETREATS encourage health and happiness, while the unparalleled natural environment in the heart of Gastein's mountain landscape is a tonic for the soul. DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal is a place of retreat, inner peace, discovery and calm. A place where I can be myself, without having to be anything else. This was the vision for our ALPEN.KRAFT.RETREAT programme.


Detox,  Destress, Restart, Yoga & MAN.OF.NATURE.