Our ALPINE.POWER philosophy

The power of the Alps awakens the power in you

What makes us strong?
What keeps us healthy?

At DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal, it is our philosophy to consider a person as a whole being. This holistic approach to wellbeing includes the way we think and feel, as well as our objectives and motivation. To aid us in this mission, we have created the ALPEN.KRAFT.SELFNESS programme, which identifies, awakens and enhances your inner strength.


What makes us strong? What keeps us healthy?

Holistic wellbeing

Ideally, we want to be strong, free, happy and balanced with a profound sense of confidence. To reach this state, we have to let go, find peace, throw off burdens and stresses, and free ourselves of everything that inhibits and blocks us. Our ALPEN.KRAFT.SELFNESS focus on personal and active lifestyle modification. Exercise, closeness to nature, healthy eating, relaxation and enjoyment boost our wellbeing and quality of life.

The five pillars of health

Our ALPINE.POWER philosophy is based on five pillars of vital energy, inspiring a programme that will lead you back to nature and to yourself. Each of these five pillars has a different focus and entry point, creating a profound balance resulting not from effort, but from inner strength. With Destress, Detox, Restart, Yoga and MAN.OF.NATURE, we ensure all-encompassing wellbeing and help you to start a new lifestyle that keeps going when you return home.

Power places in the valley of healing

We yearn for peace and sanctuary. For immersion in ourselves. The path we follow is a natural one. Nature heals minds and bodies. Numerous studies have confirmed its comprehensive influence on our health. With its unique landscape, the Gastein Valley is perfect for immersing ourselves in nature – hiking, cycling, skiing, snow shoeing … or simply forest bathing and enjoying the stillness. MAN.OF.NATURE Alfred Silbergasser will be happy to join you on this very special journey through nature and into the soul. An experienced wilderness educator, he is brimming with valuable natural knowledge and can teach you to soak in the power of the Alps and find your own personal power places, both inside and out.

The seven energy centres of the Gastein Valley.
Learning to perceive these invisible forces in nature is something everyone can do. As in humans, there are seven energy centres in the Gastein Valley, where special natural sites or important places are located:

  • Nassfeld
  • Schleier Waterfall
  • Evian source
  • Bad Gastein
  • Bad Hofgastein
  • Dorfgastein
  • Gasteiner gorge

    The geomancer and artist Peter Frank erected a sculpture at each of these power places. They help nature to develop its original power and wholeness. The stone sculptures act like acupuncture needles, and have been set up in particularly sensitive locations, where they have a healing influence on the forces of nature.
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