Wellness hotel
DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal

Pools with a view

 Immerse yourself in the pleasant warmth of the wellness hotel’s panoramic pool, let your thoughts drift, and absorb the majestic views of Gastein’s mountains. A lounger area by the swimming pool and the garden’s sunbathing lawn offer plenty more space for relaxing, as well as the ever-present Alpine backdrop. The two whirlpools at DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal are an open invitation to pursue profound relaxation and regeneration.

Panoramic indoor pool & whirlpools
  • Panoramic indoor pool (31°C)
  • 2 whirlpools (36°C)
  • Indoor lounging area
  • Sunbathing lawn in the garden

    Opening hours:
  • 7am – 9pm
    Our spa therapists offer a wide range of professional facial treatments that are based on high-quality products and work in harmony with nature.

    Be pampered by our professional spa therapists and masseurs from head to toe and enjoy your personal time-out with a beneficial massage.

    Wholesome perspiration

    The sauna area is the key highlight of any wellness hotel. Saunas support detoxification and benefit cardiovascular health. Allow the soothing heat of our saunas and steam rooms to exert their magic on you, and enjoy our seasonal sauna infusions. Harnessing the power of nature, they are designed to boost the immune system and increase wellbeing. Round off your sauna experience with a tropical shower, a few moments in the ice igloo or a walk in the Kneipp basin to stimulate blood circulation.

    Our saunas
    Saunas & steam rooms:

  • Finnish sauna (85-95°C)
  • Organic herbal sauna (50-60°C)
  • Aroma therapy sauna with light therapy (45-60°C)
  • Rose quartz and aromatherapy steam room
  • Brine grotto
  • Tepidarium
  • Laconium

    Cool down & rest:

  • Ice igloo
  • Kneipp foot basin
  • Range of tropical showers
  • Room of tranquillity with heated waterbeds and warm benches for relaxing
  • Fresh air area with barefoot path
  • Healthy snacks and a selection of teas are available at the Vitar Bar

    Opening hours:

    Sauna and relaxation area:
  • Summer: 3pm – 8pm
  • Winter: 1pm – 8pm
  • 10am – 8pm
  • Garden and sun terrace

    Step from the indoor pool into the garden and find your perfect spot on the sunbathing lawn. Enjoy summer’s sunshine and fresh mountain air, let the sun warm body and soul, or relax in the shade of the trees. Recharge your batteries with the power of the Alps during your getaway from everyday life. The garden offers a wonderful viewpoint of the Gastein Valley’s breathtaking mountains. All around the wellness hotel, the Alpine landscape exudes pure tranquillity and ALPINE.POWER.


    Body treatments soothe the soul as well as the body.

    SPA a la
    Send us a no-obligation spa enquiry and we will put together a personalised programme for your wellness break at DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal.

    Round-the-clock fitness

    The Gastein Valley’s most beautiful ‘gym’ is its natural environment – no doubt about it. However, in addition to your mountain activities, you can keep fit in the hotel gym and improve your stamina, strength, coordination and balance. The 40sqm gym is fitted with modern PRECOR equipment and is open 24 hours a day. This bright and airy fitness space offers a pleasant view thanks to floor to ceiling glazing. It’s the ideal addition to your health holiday in the wellness hotel DAS ALPENHAUS

    Indoor & outdoor Yoga

    Yoga is hugely important at DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal because the teaching, which originated in India, offers a unique way to bring about autonomous recovery. Whether you suffer from physical ailments, such as muscle tension, or mental issues, such as stress, Yoga strengthens body and mind, restoring harmony and wellbeing. Our ALPINE.KRAFT.YOGA retreats and the numerous Yoga classes that form part of our weekly programme are held in the bright Yoga room and on the garden’s Yoga platform where you can practise while enjoying glorious mountain views. In addition, we make use of other places full of Alpine.power for practices that offer as much of a workout as they do relaxation.


    from €217.-
    Per Person
    2 nights
    1.10-30.10.21 |
    from €883.-
    Per Person
    7 nights
    1.10-30.10.21 |
    from €300.-
    Per Person
    Alpenhaus Spa.at.Choice
    1.10-30.10.21 |
    from €876.-
    Per Person
    7 nights
    1.10-30.10.21 |
    from €236.-
    Per Person
    2 nights
    1.11-21.12.21 | 9.1-29.1.22 | 27.2-6.4.22 | 10.4-18.4.22 |
    from €350.-
    Per Person
    Pure Pleasure at the ALPEN.VEDA.SPA
    3 nights
    1.11-23.12.21 | 9.1-29.1.22 | 27.2-6.4.22 | 10.4-18.4.22 |
    from €485.-
    Per Person
    3 nights
    4.12-18.12.21 | 9.1-29.1.22 | 27.2-6.4.22 | 10.4-18.4.22 |
    from €908.-
    Per Person
    5 nights
    26.12-6.1.22 |
    from €485.-
    Per Person
    3 nights
    30.1-26.2.22 |