The valley of healing

Gastein – the valley of healing and nature.

A space for living and leisure time, the valley is a place of pristine nature and natural adventure, interveined by the purest healing waters, flanked by majestic peaks, and given its breath by endless forests. The Gastein Valley is a true, unspoilt idyll. Where other places must make a concerted effort to offer peace and relaxation, these are inherent features in the natural setting of the Gastein Valley.

From over 200km of pistes and world-famous thermal springs to the healing gallery and mountains that offer a seemingly endless sporting playground, it is not hard to see where the Gastein Valley earned its name: the valley of healing. Thanks to the naturally occurring radon and its ideal altitude, this region in the Salzburg mountains has long been recognised for its positive effect on the human body.

Healing waters

Five million litres of radon-rich thermal water come to the Earth’s surface in 18 natural springs in the centre of Bad Gastein and are diverted straight to the valley’s spas and rehabilitation centres. The water has a temperature of 46°C when it emerges in the springs – by the time it reaches the spas and baths, this drops to 24-34°C. There are two thermal spa bath facilities in the Gastein Valley offering plenty of variety to suit everyone.

Alpentherme Gastein thermal spa baths
The Alpentherme spa baths in Bad Hofgastein’s Kurpark is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. The thermal spa’s five different zones offer fun and relaxation for the whole family. Besides the Relax World and Family World Alpine water worlds, there is also wellness, beauty, rehabilitation and exercise on offer. The large sauna complex is a special highlight of Alpentherme Gastein.

Relax World
  • Indoor and outdoor thermal pools
  • Bubble jet recliners
  • Sunbathing lawn and relaxation oases with panoramic views
    Sauna World
  • Various saunas & steam baths
  • Indoor & outdoor area
    Ladies’ World
  • A sanctuary just for women with a sauna, steam bath, solarium, roof terrace, tea bar and treatment rooms Family World
  • Includes a playground, Black Hole Rafting slide, beach volleyball and more
  • Felsentherme Gastein thermal spa baths
    A number of exclusive offers at the Felsentherme in Bad Gastein provide tranquillity, wellness and beauty as well as sport and fitness. There is a breathtaking view over the Gastein mountains from the wellness area on the sun deck, the highest point of the Felsentherme.

    Felsentherme facilities
  • Relaxing hot spring pools
  • Erlebnistherme poolscape
  • Open air hot springs (relaxation pool, 34°C, sports pool and children’s pool)
  • Gym (150sqm)
  • Panorama wellness area
  • Wellness restaurant
  • Gastein healing gallery
    and vapour bath

    A 2.5km train ride takes visitors to Gastein’s healing gallery in the Radhausberg mountain near Böckstein. The combination of high levels of radon, temperatures of 37-41.5°C and 75-100% humidity are what make the gallery so special.

    Gastein healing gallery
    Therapy in Gastein’s healing gallery focuses on pain relief, regeneration and relaxation. The high humidity, warmth and naturally occurring radon relieve pain and can lead to a long-term reduction in medication use, as well as stabilise the immune system. Inflammatory rheumatic conditions, respiratory problems and skin issues can be treated here.

    The healing gallery offers introductory sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. Lasting roughly 2.5 hours, these include a medical check (cardiovascular and blood pressure check), a short informative film about the therapy’s natural spectrum of effectiveness, and a subsequent train ride into the therapy area where you stay for 30 minutes.

    Price per person including transfer: € 38,-

    The radon thermal vapour bath, a public health spa run under medical supervision, also invites visitors to relax and recharge. The vapour bath is located directly above the most productive thermal spring in Bad Gastein, the Elisabeth spring.

    Gastein vapour bath
    The thermal vapour is fed into the baths via a shaft system. Its gentle healing effects are suitable for people with reduced tolerance. The vapour bath differs from the healing gallery treatment in that the body is not heated to the same extent and the treatment is shorter – with almost the same healing radon content.

    Thermal and natural lakes

    Opened in 2017, Austria’s first thermal spring swimming lakes containing pure thermal-spring-fed water are one of Bad Hofgastein’s unique features. The smaller of the two lakes (370sqm) is available for the enjoyment of guests of the Alpentherme’s sauna world, while the larger lake (1,300sqm) is open to the public. The pleasant water temperature relaxes the muscles and joints and calms the soul.

    Your first stop after a hike or cycling tour on a hot summer’s day has got to be for a refreshing dip in Gastein’s natural swimming lake. Surrounded by the stunning mountain landscape, a swim in the lake is a treat for body and soul. It is easily accessible in the Gastein Valley at the Bertahof junction between Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein.


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    Pure Pleasure at the ALPEN.VEDA.SPA
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