Holistic - healthy, vital, full of energy on holidays in Gastein.

Food & drink at DAS ALPENHAUS Gasteinertal

Our cuisine: regional, vegetarian and à la carte

 ALPENHAUS cuisine celebrates its origins while always reinventing itself to cater for changing tastes and requirements. Many of the hotel’s culinary treasures are sourced directly from the region: fruits of the forests, meadow herbs and freshly caught fish. Guests rejoice in Gastein’s gastronomic experiences and celebrate Alpine culinary craft at the á la carte restaurant with its bar and spacious terrace.

Top-level gastronomy

Diners choose from an exquisite selection of wines, as well as ALPEN.KRAFT herb essences and forest cocktails. Enjoy Gastein with all of your senses: from a drink by the fire in the lobby to a four-course dinner with options in the evening. It’s all about healthy cuisine for connoisseurs, and includes vegetarian and vegan options. Our restaurant’s themed buffets ensure even more culinary variety. 




lighten the load and come to life

Stuck in a daily routine, most of us are familiar with rising stress levels, a less-than-ideal diet, being time-poor and not exercising enough. When body and mind are overloaded, our wellbeing suffers and we experience physical and psychological disorders. ALPEN.KRAFT.DETOX helps recharge our batteries, freeing us of stresses and strains. And the culinary delights of our healthy ALPENHAUS cuisine can be enjoyed to the full!

Ease the burden

ALPEN.KRAFT.DETOX is not simply a treatment or change of diet; it is a holistic approach that offers ideal conditions for the body to realign itself and regain its strength. The retreats combine movement techniques and meditative methods from around the world with detoxifying treatments and diets based on Alpine nature. Purification of body, mind and soul – gentle, beneficial and long-lasting, courtesy of ALPEN.KRAFT.


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2 Nächtenights
9.9-25.10.23 | 29.10-4.11.23 |
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Alpenhaus Spa.at.Choice
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